A Christian Nation Pt. II

Unfortunately, the video of the song in question is missing, but let me assure you it was chock full of oldies but goodies from the fundamentalist argument that this is a Christian nation. Enjoy this also and tomorrow, you should see a new piece. Once again, someone has written a song that espouses the idea of […]

American Idols

In the last 24 hours, storms again pounded the midwestern United States and, while there were no deaths, people were injured and their homes were damaged and destroyed.  Last Sunday, the people of Joplin Missouri suffered a devastating tornado and are in need of almost everything you can think of.  Since yesterday morning, somewhere around 24,000 children have […]

He May Not Have Said It…

Every time the subject of government social programs come up, my conservative friends tell me that supporting such things isn’t what Jesus would have us do.  After all, they say, Jesus said to give your money to the poor, not the government so they can give it the poor.  And, they’re right, as far as that goes.  Neither Jesus, Peter, Paul […]

Jesus Didn’t Shrug Pt. II

A few days ago, I wrote a post titled Jesus Didn’t Shrug, in which I said the actions and beliefs of conservative Christians had more in common with Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged than the Bible.  It was a very popular post, generating the most traffic this site has seen in quite a while.  I got several […]

An Open Letter to Sojourners

I fully intended to write something about Harold Camping and his followers that, while it had a serious point, had it’s fair share of snark and humor.  I laid that aside after watching a video posted by Matthew Paul Turner titled The Power of Words.  I strongly recommend that you take a few minutes, click […]

Glory to God

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m reading Peter Rollins’ book “The Orthodox Heretic: And Other Impossible Tales“.  This morning, I read a story about small island nation being invaded by a much larger and more powerful one.  The invaders held all the advantages, more soldiers, better training, better weapons and equipment and, the […]

Believe Out Loud

Over the weekend, the Christian corner of the internet was abuzz with the news that Sojourners, bastion of social justice and perennial flag-waver of “leftist” causes, had turned down an ad from Believe Out Loud, “a trans-denominational effort to promote LGBT equality in mainline Protestant congregations”.  The ad promoted a new campaign that features the following […]