Economic Justice for All

Recently, Republican governors across the country have proposed controversial ways to balance their state’s budget, with Scott Walker of Wisconsin’s attempt to divest public employees of their collective bargaining rights garnering the most attention.  There are other states proposing similar measures, like Michigan’s Rick Snyder reducing unemployment insurance benefits from 26 weeks to 20 weeks; Ohio’s Kasich talking about selling […]

American Christians

Shane Claiborne once said, “Christianity is at its best when it is peculiar, marginalized, suffering, and it is at its worst when it is popular, credible, triumphal, and powerful.” If he’s right (and I think he is), the United States may be the worst thing to ever happen to Christianity.  I’m not sure where we went […]

Maybe You Should Read it Again

A few days ago, someone on Twitter tweeted the following quote from Jennifer Wright Knust: “”The only way that the Bible can be regarded as straightforward and simple is if no one bothers to read it.”  The thing is shot through with verses that don’t fit with the way we see things nowadays.   Case in point: from 1830’s until […]

Light Amonst the Darkness

In the midst of all the chaos, violence and unrest in Egypt, something hopeful has happened.  Here’s a photo: In case you’re wondering what you’re looking at, that’s a group of Christian protesters linking hands around a group of Muslims protesters, protecting them while they pray.  And, that’s not the first time this has happened […]