A Bigger Brain?

A new study from Duke University medical center found that mainline Protestants tend to have bigger brains than evangelicals, Catholics or those with no religious affiliation.  In an article published last Friday by USA Today, we find it’s actually the hippocampus that’s bigger, not the entire brain.  Dr. Amy Owen, the main writer for the study […]

Who is My Neighbor?

On Wednesday of this last week (May 25th), Westboro Baptist Church issued a press release on their website that began “THANK GOD FOR 125 DEAD IN JOPLIN” and promised to picket the visit of President Obama (whom they called the “Beast Anti-Christ”) and Gov. Jay Nixon.  The press release itself is a masterpiece of crazy, but it […]

Things You Never Hear In Church

There’s a list that’s made the rounds for quite a while called the Top Ten Things You Never Hear In Church. It’s yet another case of Christians stealing something from pop culture and using it for evangelism. Only this time it’s actually funny and it even makes you think. And, not even about how lame the […]