Changing My Life

Two nights ago, Will D. Campbell, author, pastor, civil rights activist and general rabble-rouser, passed away. I became acquainted with Brother Will through Hugh Hollowell, who credits Campbell’s work as the reason he became a pastor running a ministry serving an at-risk population. Both Hugh and another friend, Lia Scholl (the one and only @roguereverend) […]

What Am I Talking About Pt V

Okay, this is my last post in this series about Christianity in post-modern society, I promise. Well, I promise it is unless I think of something else. You should know that I’m  a seat-0f-the-pants writer and, truthfully, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to say until I actually say it. So, it’s entirely possible that by […]

A Changed Man

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The weather was nice, I got spend some unexpected time with Diana and, I got to hang out with my brother from another mother, Hugh Hollowell. It was, for us, a remarkably focused conversation. We both have just the tiniest touch of ADD (each of us combined having the […]

Can You Be a Christian and a Curmudgeon?

Yesterday, I was doing my bit at Love Wins when the subject of Hugh’s grouchiness came up. I informed everyone that Hugh wasn’t a grouch, he was a curmudgeon. The resulting conversation reminded me of this post I wrote a few months back.   The question “Can you be a Christian and _____” gets asked […]

Getting Married

Steve Chalke, an evangelical pastor in the UK, dropped a huge bombshell recently when he came out in support of monogamous same-sex relationships. Of course, he was immediately branded a heretic, a relativist, a false teacher, etc. Chalke is no stranger to controversy; his views on atonement theory caused the breakup of a large Christian conference in […]

The Tragedy of The Redneck Pt III

Yesterday, I began this three-part series here (Part II here). It’s based on a quote from Baptist pastor, author and social activist Will D. Campbell, who said “The tragedy of the redneck is that he chose the wrong enemy.”  I will say up front there is some hard language on race here. If you get offended, don’t say I didn’t warn […]

The Year in Review

2012 departs at midnight and, evidently, that means we’re supposed to look back and reminisce. I’m not exactly sure why, but who am I to question the prevailing paradigm? 2012 was pretty eventful. Oh sure, not as much as 2001 or any of the WWII years, but it is the most lively one in a […]

What Are You So Afraid Of?

With all the uproar over marriage equality lately, one thing has become abundantly clear: some conservative Christians are blatantly homophobic. I know many of you are thinking “Wow, what a news flash. We’ve known that for years.” True, we have known this for a long time; it’s just that now is they’ve quit trying to hide it. Why […]