Don’t Get Above Your Raisin’

“Don’t get above your raisin’ ” is one of those uniquely southern sayings, like “Bless your heart”, “How’s your mama and ’em” and any phrase with the word “fixin’ ” in it. You don’t hear it so much anymore, it was dying out as my generation came along. But, I did hear some old-timers use […]

Good Grief?

Yesterday, my daughters lost an old friend. Fiona, the 14-year-old toy rat terrier they grew up with passed away. She was always a rather nervous dog and, early on, whenever I spoke to her, she’d pee a little bit. But, as time went on, she became used to my frequent visits. And, though she never seemed overly excited […]

The What I Am Thankful For Post

All right, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you know what that means: it’s time for my annual What I am thankful for list. This year wasn’t the easiest to navigate, what with my dad passing away and the return of my cancer. But, all in all, I’m still pretty blessed (I don’t like using that word, […]

The Biblical Family

Those on the right, the ones who oppose marriage equality, have a lot to say about family. Actually, what they talk about is the biblical family, believing the Bible lays out the design for how a family should operate and what it should look like. In their minds, that is the classic nuclear family: father, mother and 2.5 kids […]

Mixing it Up

via YouTube On October 30, schools across the country will take part in something called “Mix It Up At Lunch”, an anti-bullying effort that encourages kids to sit with someone outside their regular peer group. Started 11 years ago by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the program hopes to break up cliques and prevent bullying. […]

Not What I Wanted; About What I Expected

For the record, I do not condone the shooting at the Family Research Council’s Washington offices. I pray for the swift recovery of security guard Leo Johnson and anyone affected by this terrible act. I also pray for Floyd Corkins, the shooter, that he may see that  violence isn’t the way. I had hoped that […]

A New Way Forward

FRC president Tony Perkins was on CNN last month and found himself between a rock and a hard place when Brooke Baldwin asked the following question, “Everyone has the right to opine, but my question is more on a personal level to you: Have you ever been to the home of a married, same-sex couple?” […]

Support The Troops!

There are a multitude of graphics online that, one way or another, urge everyone to “Support the troops”. I’m wondering where this is coming from because, from what I can see, except for a few repugnant trolls out there, most everyone does support the troops. What some of us don’t support is the way the […]

Defending Pat?

One thing I never thought I’d do is take up for Pat Robertson.  I’ve always thought he represents what I hate about the Church: judgmental, narrow-minded and legalistic.  On many occasions, he’s said things that are way beyond the pale.  He’s accused Haiti of making a pact with the devil, said that liberals back abortion rights because lesbians […]

An Open Letter to The United Methodist Church

Actually, this should be addressed to the Big “C” (universal) Church because the things I’m going to talk about occur in churches all over the country.  The UMC is just where I’ve encountered them on a personal level.  For the last 6-7 years, I’ve been a volunteer youth leader.  Recently, due to circumstances not entirely out of my control, I’ve stepped […]