God Has A Plan

Recently, a friend posted the following on Facebook: “Ok…so, allegedly, god loves everyone. So…why does that person have cancer and you do not? Or why did that man’s family die in a tsunami but yours is still here? Why were you born in America and they were born in Rwanda? It seems to me that […]

Join Us

Recently, I was driving past a church which had a sign hyping their latest bible study/Sunday school/sermon/insert-whatever-churchy-thing-you-can-think-of-because-I-don’t-remember, followed by a hearty “Join Us!” I’ve never liked those signs.¬†Every time I see one, I think, “Why don’t you join us. Maybe it will stop your increasingly rapid slide into irrelevance”. I knew there was a blog […]

God Has a Plan

Often, I hear people talk about God’s plan, as if it’s a road map for their life. I’ve never liked that. The idea that God has made this detailed plan for my life makes me wonder why God even needs me to be involved. Telling me that free will entails whether¬†or not I decide to […]