A Christian Nation Pt. II

Unfortunately, the video of the song in question is missing, but let me assure you it was chock full of oldies but goodies from the fundamentalist argument that this is a Christian nation. Enjoy this also and tomorrow, you should see a new piece.

Once again, someone has written a song that espouses the idea of the United States being a Christian nation.  I’ve tackled this issue with logic a couple of times, pointing out the numerous places in early documents where the founding fathers specifically said that the U. S. is not a Christian nation and was not founded on the Christian faith.  After watching the video and listening to that dreadful song, I’m not feeling all that logical tonight and I’m approaching this idea from a different direction.  If we are a Christian nation, why the hell don’t we act like it?

Where were our Christian principles in 1654 when John Castor became the first legally recognized slave in the United States?  Where were they for the next 200 years while as many as 3.9 million human beings were held in legal bondage?  Where were our Christian principles as we perpetrated genocide on Native Americans so we could steal their land?  Where were they on the Trail of Tears as thousands of Native Americans died on during a forced march relocating them hundreds of miles from their ancestral lands?  Where were they as our soldiers murdered innocent women and children simply for not being white? Where were they while American citizens sold blankets infected with the small pox virus to members of the Blackfoot tribe?  Where were our Christian principles as white Americans enacted Jim Crow laws that disenfranchised black Americans and kept them at the lowest possible social and economic strata?  Where were they as young black men were lynched for merely looking at white women?  Where were they when people both black and white were murdered for attempting to register voters and improve the lot of black Americans?  Where are our Christian principles right now as Congress, in an attempt to “balance the budget”, works to strip away programs that benefit the poor, the homeless and the elderly while extremely low tax rates on the wealthy and an enormous defense budget go untouched?   Where are they as an entire segment of the population is denied the right to marry the person of their choice because of some obscure harm they will cause to the “august” institution of marriage?  If all this is what being a “Christian nation” entails, I want no part of it.

I’ve been more than a bit negative in the above paragraph, so I want to take a few moments to lay out my vision of what a Christian nation would truly look like.  It would be one were no one went hungry; one where every man, woman and child had adequate shelter and didn’t have to live on the street; where people didn’t die of easily cured diseases because they couldn’t afford to go to the doctor.  It would be one where, if we saw someone in need, we’d give them whatever we had; where whether they deserved our help or not didn’t enter into the question; where we understood that everything we had was merely on loan from God, tools given to us to help our neighbor.  It would be one where everyone made a living wage, yet still had time to spend with their families; where employers worked to make sure their employees were happy and satisfied with their jobs.  It would be one where people were treated as equals with no thought to race, gender, creed, color or sexual orientation; where government social programs like Equal Opportunity were unnecessary because we all understood that we are, as children of God, brothers and sisters regardless of our differences.  It would be one where we modeled what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like to the rest of the world.  And, we did it so well they all wanted to join us it.