A Little Laziness

I chose that title because that’s what this is, laziness.  I’m actually writing this last night and didn’t feel like getting all invested in something deep and meaningful.  Besides, I’ve been pretty serious lately and it’s high time to lighten up a little.  So, let’s look at one of my favorite things ever, the demotivional poster.  You’ve seen them, they look like this:

I’ve used these before, but I’ve never done a post that was nothing demotivators.  That changes now.

Somehow, I think he does this a lot.
Think it'll work?
While we're on the subject...
Ah, the good old side-hug. My God, we're uptight.
If I am a heretic, at least I'm in good company
Socialist? Hell, he was a straight-up communist!

And, finally:

Who cares if doesn’t have anything to do with religion or any of that other stuff, it’s freakin’ monkey riding a bull!