post_racial-name-tagI have a confession to make: I didn’t vote for Barrack Obama in 2008. While I’m not sure if that means I was a racist back then, the fact that I did vote for him in 2012 has to show that I have overcome whatever racist tendencies from my youth might have hung on into my adulthood, right? I mean, seriously, if a white, southern man born in the 60’s voting for a black man for president isn’t proof that he’s not racist, I don’t know what is. Accordingly, the fact that more than 50% of Americans voted for a “black” in the last two presidential elections has to be proof that we now live in a post-racial society. Doesn’t that make you happy? Of course it does.

Oh sure, there are plenty of nay-sayers trying to tell us this is actually a “post-post-racial” society, pointing out things like Cliven Bundy’s comment about “the Negro” or Donald Sterling telling his mixed-race “friend” not to bring black people to his games. But, these critics are wrong. These are isolated incidents of old farts who haven’t gotten with program and joined us in the utopia that is Post-Racial America. That means, of course, they’re outliers (aka “inconvenient facts white people want to ignore”) that can be tossed out.

What’s that you say?  How do I account for Michael Brown and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri? Well, people in the know say Darren Wilson should be commended for shooting that thug. And, don’t even start with Eric Garner. That man was breaking the law. While his death was a regrettable occurrence, it was his own fault, as determined by Congressman Peter King, a noted medical expert (if “noted medical expert” means “man who’s been to the doctor”). You people act like these thugs (i.e. black men who make white people uncomfortable) are American citizens and have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” like the rest of us (i.e. white people). Puh-leeze.

What about the recently surfaced video purporting to show members of that fine, southern fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, you ask? Look, you and I both know that was a silly mistake fueled by alcohol and the demonic “music” that is hip-hop/rap.  Why, the very idea that young men with the kind of pedigree it takes to get into such an august institution could ever be overtly racist is ludicrous. Families of quality just don’t do that sort of thing.

Before you start, I don’t want to hear any guff about the new voting laws some states have passed. Why is having to show a photo ID such a big deal? (outside the fact that voter fraud is practically non-existent, of course) I mean, doesn’t everyone have a driver’s license? And, if they don’t, how hard is it to go down to the local DMV and get one?  (I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Eric Kennie) Besides, these laws aren’t racist because they aren’t meant to keep any particular ethnic group from voting, they’re meant to suppress Democratic voter turnout. The fact that minorities vote heavily Democratic is just a coincidence (or,a happy accident. Take your pick).

The fact of the matter is, that yes, ugly things have happened in our past. And, yes, there are rare occasions where they happen in our present. But, that doesn’t mean we should focus on them (because they might get fixed?). Aren’t we past all this “racial” stuff? We have a black president, for God’s sake.