A Preview

Everything I read about publishing  these days is telling me that, unless I sign with one of the publishing giants, I’ll the one responsible for promoting any book I write.  So, dear readers, you’re going to be subjected to me pimping my first effort at publishing a book.  As I said last week, the title is “Love God, Love Your Neighbor; Everything Else is Crap”.  Every so often, until it’s available for all of you to buy, I’ll be posting a few excerpts here to create a little buzz.  Here’s a couple of tasty morsels to start:

On the nature of God

“What if we’ve gotten the wrong idea about hell and salvation, focusing on who’s out and not who’s in? Instead of listening to what Jesus said about giving up our stuff and taking care others, we spend our time obsessing over that very stuff.  That, instead of relying on God to provide for us as Jesus promised He would, we go to crazy lengths to make sure we have enough.  And, by enough I mean several times more than we actually need.”

On unconditional love

” There’s something that happens to you when you become a parent.  You find joy in the smallest triumphs of others, things that would’ve left you cold before you became a parent are positively heart-warming afterwards and excitement is no longer found in a night on the town, it’s right there in the crib in front of you.  I mean, how else do you explain once normal,
intelligent people being reduced to speaking gibberish to a drooling, puking poop machine?  How do you reconcile once-trendy hipsters getting all excited that their kid crapped themselves?   That is unconditional love in action and
it’s the way God loves us.”

On America’s wars

Looking at these criteria, the United States has never in its history conducted a just war.   It seems to me that the United
States is all about “just war” (saving people from evil dictators and oppressive regimes)…, sometimes.  We busted into Iraq,
overthrew the government, executed the leader and set up a new “democratic” government, i.e. one that’s amenable to what we want.  However, when oppressive regimes were eliminating entire portions of their populations in Rwanda and Darfur, we did nothing.  What’s the difference?  Three little letters, O…I…L.  The only reason we give a flying fuck about the Iraqis, the Kuwaitis or the Libyans is because their sitting on a shitload of oil.  I wish it were otherwise, but we ignore the piss out of poor,
brown people all over the world unless they have something we
want.  And there is nothing just about that.”

Okay, that’s enough for now.  Gotta save some for later.  With a little luck, this will whet your appetite for more.