An Announcement

Regular readers here may have noticed that I’ve cut back on my posting from 5 days a week to 3.  In the possibility that someone actually cares why I’ve done this, I’ll tell you.  The truth is I’m writing a book.  It seems a logical progression, going from blog to book.  A couple of people over the almost two years I’ve been blogging have told me I should write one, but I didn’t pay a whole of attention to them.  Last spring, however, I was having coffee with Hugh Hollowell and discussing this very subject.  I said I didn’t think a publisher would take me seriously as I don’t have any formal theological education and he said I didn’t need a publisher, that I could self-publish using things like the Kindle Direct Publishing app and companies like Lulu and Smashwords.  I liked that idea a lot.  Enough that it pushed me to get off my ass and start putting a book together.  It’s titled “Love God, Love Your Neighbor; Everything Else is Crap”.  Using past blog entries and new material (some pulled out of that twisted playground I call a brain, some with actual theological backing), it’s what I believe being a follower of Christ is truly about.  The first draft is done and I’m editing it now.  Then, hopefully, a few trusted friends will act as beta readers to find any flaws I’ve missed and it will be ready for publication.  Wonder of wonders, another friend, the Rogue Reverend herself (aka Lia Scholl) has given me a line on a possible publisher.  Not sure what form things are going to take, but I’ll keep you updated.