Are You Ashamed?

I’m beginning to see something that bothers me. I’m hearing conservative Christians say something like “Hey, Amendment One passed, so you guys just need to shut up and deal with it”. To my knowledge, it’s not some organized effort to shut up those of us who are fighting for marriage equality. Most of what I’m encountering is on a more personal basis.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my youngest daughter is gay/bi. I use the slash because she’s not exactly sure where she falls on the LGBT spectrum, just that she’s in there somewhere. Even though she’s not what you’d call an extrovert, she’s no shrinking violet on this issue. The picture you see at the beginning of this post is one I got from her Facebook page. There was a comment from one of her school friends that said:

“well amendment one got passed and people just need to move on and stop complaining about and blaming everybody”

To which Olivia replied:

“last time i checked, gay people still had freedom of speech. or did you take that away, too?”

Her “friend” answered:

“i didn’t take anything away im not 18 nor a politic but im pretty sure they have freedom of speech amendment one saved the state a lot of money by not paying insurance which most corporations will and put gay marriage outlawed into our constitution which is fine and it has happened in over 30 states so deal with it”

Things degenerated after that, with the original commenter complaining of being bullied. I’ve already talked about idiocy of the idea that people can be persecuted (or bullied) by not being allowed to ram their beliefs down everyone else’s throat. Today,  I’m wondering why they want us to shut up about Amendment One, marriage equality and all that stuff. I think it’s a case of buyer’s remorse. You know, that sick feeling you get when you realize that bought something you really shouldn’t have? I hope that my brothers and sisters in Christ are beginning to see that, in codifying discrimination into the constitution of our state under the guise of religion, what they did was wrong. I hope they have nagging, little thoughts in the backs of their minds that say “Did I really believe that stuff about  protecting marriage or was I just dumping on gay people because I think they’re icky?” I hope that when they hear a pastor stand in the pulpit and call for all sorts of terrible actions against the LGBT community, they wonder “Is this what Jesus would want?” I hope they cringe when they hear their children repeat the ugly, demeaning things they hear in church, at school and at home. I hope for these things because, if I’m right, the Kingdom of Heaven is closer than it looks right now. We Christians are supposed to be working on that deal and I’m not seeing a lot of progress.