ASBO Jesus

Yesterday, as I was surfing around wasting time (instead of writing like I should’ve been), I ran across a new blog: The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus, courtesy the Right Reverend Jeremy Smith. (you gotta love a pastor that finds a way to use Star Wars and the SyFy series Firefly to teach about Jesus).  Jeremy posted a link to ASBO Jesus on his Twitter feed and, since his links are usually pretty good, I followed it.  It took me to this cartoon:

I liked it; it has a nice, little snarky overtone.  So, I looked at some more and I really like this guy.  Not saying I get everything, because he’s English and humor doesn’t always make it across the cultural divide.  I get enough to enjoy it, though.  I was curious about the title of his blog and with just a little detective work (I clicked the “About” button), I found this:  “btw for the non british among you… an ‘asbo’ is an ‘anti-social behaviour order’… the courts here award them to people who are deemed to be constant trouble in their neighbourhoods… presumably according to their neighbours!”  And, that my friends, sums up Jesus about as neatly as anything I’ve ever seen.

At first, I really liked the idea that Jesus was considered constant trouble by some of his neighbors.  Then, it dawned on me that if I’m going to follow Him, I need to earn the same reputation.  On the upside, I have no problem with that whatsoever.  Nothing makes me happier than tweaking the noses of those who think they’re right and everyone else is wrong.  Pretentious, holier-than-thou bluenoses who act like their shit doesn’t stink need someone like me around to keep them from going overboard.  The downside of this is my preferred method really isn’t the one He’d like me to use.  Snarky, smart-ass remarks and, occassionally, calling people idiots outright doesn’t fit in with that whole “love your neighbor” thing.  No, I realized, I have do stuff.  I have to work at being like Jesus and do my best to bring the Kingdom about here on Earth.  And, that my friends, is whole lot harder than throwing rocks at assholes.