Bless Your Heart

Things are going straight to hell these days. The picture you see to the left is graffiti painted on a Chik-fil-a. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with that? I know what they’ve done and I don’t eat there anymore, but that’s as far as I’m willing to take it. Painting “Don’t Hate” on an individual Chik-fil-a store seems a bit over the top. I’ve never experienced anything but good will and niceness in a Chik-fil-a restaurant. Now, if whoever did this had painted it on the corporate headquarters building, that would be different; corporate people are the ones responsible for sending money to hate groups and such. But, the individual stores are just trying to sell chicken and make a buck. Hate’s (probably) got nothing to do with it.

Another indicator of the world going to hell is that I got unfriended on Facebook by someone I’ve known for years because I posted this picture:

Here’s his reasoning in his own words: “Thanks Joel for reposting this type of language guess all the posts about religion on here goes out the window. Sorry the man does not believe the same as you but I am sure my son and my young nieces that I am friends with on here do not need to see this!!! sorry but I have to unfriend you.” This from a guy who drops the “f” bomb all the time. But, really, what’s wrong with saying “fuck” once in a while? In certain situations, it’s really good word. There are times when you need a word that will get people’s attention and nothing does that like a good, hearty uttering like “fuck”. The only downside is that some people, usually the ones you’re really talking to, get hung up on that one word and miss everything else you’re trying to say. You can’t use it a lot, either, or it will lose it’s effectiveness. But, used sparingly, it’s shock value can be invaluable. It’s like grabbing someone by the shirt and getting in their face. I really don’t understand the problem.

Civil discourse in this country has really taken a hit (and not just because I drop the  “f” bomb once in a while). I live in the South, where you used to able to say pretty much whatever you want about someone as long as it was under your breath and followed up by a heart-felt “Bless his/her heart”, but even that’s going out the window these days. This is especially true of politics. Wherever you look you can find conservatives being called “greedy bastards” and being accused of running the country into the ground and liberals referred to as socialists or communists and, guess what, being accused of running the country into the ground. Anne Coulter, that paragon of fairness, has even accused liberals as being godless and demonic. I’ll say one thing for her, the woman knows how to get people talking. Liberals aren’t taking it lying down, though. More and more liberals are embracing their religion and bringing it into their politics, which used to be anathema to any good liberal. Separation of church and state and all that. Now, however, liberal Christians are beginning to realize something conservatives figured a long time ago: your faith influences everything about you, including your political beliefs. Now, we’ve just got figure out how to talk to the other side without being assholes. Which won’t be easy, because they believe all that crap they’ve been saying about us.