Blood on Their Hands?

So, a couple of days ago, I posted the picture to the left on my Facebook page and several other (more liberal) pages that I like. I did so as an experiment; I wanted to see how the various groups would react to the idea that the NRA shares some responsibility in the recent wave of gun-related violence that we’ve experienced. I used my personal page because many of my friends there are very conservative, pro-gun Republicans. I also posted it on this blog’s page (, the Outlaw Preachers page. The audience for the second and third pages is a bit more left-wing in their politics and religion than my personal page. Yesterday, I promised some results from this and here they are:

  • Comments on the picture from my page: 8 comments, all saying the NRA is not responsible, zero likes.
  • Comments from But Not Yet’s page: Zero comments, 3 likes.
  • Comments from Outlaw Preachers page: 1 pro NRA comment, 1 like

Interestingly, I also posted picture of a letter from a father basically disowning his son for being gay. The comment section blew up like you wouldn’t believe. What does that tell me? I don’t know. On the surface, it would appear my conservative friends are more concerned with rules and laws, while my liberal friends are concerned with people. But, here’s the thing: the majority of people who posted on the NRA picture are co-workers, people I’ve gone to church with, people I’ve known since high school. I know these people personally and they are not uncaring. On the other picture, only a few people I know personally commented (different audiences, I suppose), but of those that did, they are not unconcerned with rules and laws. Both groups are filled with good people I know and love; even if they are polar opposites.

I suppose I should show my hand on these pictures. First, the NRA: yes, it does have blood on its hands, just like the rest of our society in these incidents. The NRA works hard to block any gun control legislation and has aligned itself with some on the lunatic fringe who believe there is a global plot to confiscate weapons from private citizens. Our society has blood on our hands because we don’t stand up and demand some changes in the  way guns are sold in this country. Waiting periods with background checks that actually have some teeth would be a good place to start. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against law-abiding citizens owning weapons, I’m not even against concealed carry in most cases. What I am against is the ease with which people who have no business having a steak knife being able to purchase assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, tons of ammo and body armor. What I am against is the ease with which a man who had a criminal record, a history of involvement with white supremacist groups and checkered army career was able to buy a pistol which he used to kill people as they gathered to worship on Sunday morning. How many more have to die before do something?

As for the second picture, my views on homosexuality are well-known: gay people are the way God made them and any attempt to change that flies in the face of their Creator. As for the letter in question, there is nothing my children could do that would cause me to write such a hateful, disgusting letter. One of my daughters is bi-sexual and I wouldn’t change a thing about her. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s creative and she has a tremendous heart. For someone to say that she is an abomination based on their own twisted interpretation of scripture pisses me off. Anyone who disowns their child for anything is no parent at all.

I’m not sure where I should go from here on this experiment. It surely didn’t turn out the way I expected. But, that’s what happens when people are involved, I suppose. Maybe if I had  thrown abortion into the mix…