“Christian” as an Adjective II

Back in July, I wrote a post titled “Christian as an Adjective“.  In it,  I talked about how the word “Christian” gets tacked on to so many things.  With my cynical, skeptical attitude, I think the main reason for this is to sell more stuff.  I’m pretty sure there’s some greasy ad guy sitting around thinking of things to call “Christian”, secure in the knowledge that we’ll rush out and drop our hard-earned cash on anything remotely related to our faith.  Never one to let go of what I think is a good idea, I’m revisiting this concept.  When I wrote the first one, I hadn’t been using WordPress very long and hadn’t figured all the features.  That meant it was kinda bland with no pictures or videos or any of that kind of stuff.  I’m much more adept now and, I hope, that will make this a much better read.  You decide.

Christian strippers?  Gettin’ nekkid for Jesus, I guess.  What, does she keep a few tracts tucked into her g-string?

Christian movies have been around for a while and lately, it seems, there’s been an explosion of them.  Unfortunately, that explosion sucks.  Not necessarily the content, that’s subjective.  I’m talking about the quality.  And, there’s no reason for that.  You can make a movie about God that isn’t mind-numbingly bad.  In fact, you should make a movie about God that isn’t mind-numbingly bad.  How long before that happens is anyone’s guess.

Unfortunately, Christian children’s TV isn’t all Veggie Tales (which isn’t all that bad for kid’s TV).  You’ve got things like Psalty, the Singing Songbook, Bibleman and, from my childhood, Davey and Goliath.  Remember what I said about movies a minute ago?  Apply that to television, too.

Christians talking about sex and saying something other than “DON’T DO IT”?  Wow, that’s a first.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing; just the opposite in fact.  I stumbled onto this one by googling “Christian sex”.  That’s where I found this: “Christ-like” sex.  An article about Christian couples getting their freak on?  Married couples only, of course.  But, it is a step forward.


Christian rappers are coming out the woodwork.  And, way too many of them are like this guy.

In their own words, “C28 is a Christian retail store chain, offering an alternative to the mainstream mall stores.”  And, of course, their offerings have Christian messages on them.  The website proselytizes like crazy, sponsoring CCM bands and offering opportunities to “get saved” in several places.  What’s missing is any mention of things like Fair Trade, sweat shop free items and that sort of stuff. 

No post of this kind is complete without a Christian t-shirt.  The caption under this one reads “Abortionists are no better than hitmen. After all, they do murder for money, right?”  Now that’s a message Jesus could get on board with.

Like Rob said, “Christian makes a great noun and a poor adjective”.