Christian Failblog

So, I was sitting around trying to find something to write about tonight and having very little success.  I’ve been pretty serious lately, (almost on the verge of being strident) so I wanted to keep light and funny.  And, it’s hard to be intentionally funny.  I think my best stuff comes from the things I just stumble over and tonight was no exception.  As I surfed around, desperate for material, I checked my Twitter feed and saw that Matt Turner of Jesus Needs New PR (one of my favorite blogs, btw) posted the following “Watching Nightline, wishing God had put another centimeter or two in between the host’s eyeballs”.  Of course, I had to flip over and check this out.  Damned if he wasn’t right.  I tried to find a picture (of Terry Moran), but couldn’t dig one up that did him justice.  But, after checking out Moran’s freakishly close-set eyes, I watched a report about Failblog, a website that really needs to be experienced (that’s why I included a link).  But, that gave me an idea.  What about a post on some funny Christian failures.  So, here they are:

Didn’t anybody step back and look at this after they put it up???

As a friend of mine (who’s a PK, btw) once said, “You know, some people are just f**ked up on the Lord”.

Two for one, here:

Cause Jesus never went anywhere without his trusty pocketknife and AK.

Another twofer:

What, because you’re saved, you can ignore the rules of grammar?

Don’t you love it when we hijack pop culture to be relevant?  Here’s another one:

Hey, at least it’s not that tired, old “Got Jesus?” t-shirt.

And, finally, two of my favorite “Jesus Saves” signs.  These are more numerous than South of the Border billboards on I-95.

What salvation, doghouses and chicken livers all have in common, I’m not sure.  But, if I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Thanks to Matt Turner, Failblog, Terry Moran and anyone else I might have neglected to mention that have had a hand in this blog.  I couldn’t have done it without ya.