Christian Values?

Clean and Clear, arguably the biggest name in skin care for young women, has added a new face to its #SeeTheRealMe campaign: Jazz Jennings. Now, you may be wondering “Who the hell is Jazz Jennings?” That’s easy enough to answer: Jennings is a LGBTQ activist who just happens to be a 14-year-old trans woman. She is an interesting and impressive individual, having done numerous videos about her life and has written a  children’s book about growing up transgender. And, that’s not all: The Learning Channel is working on  a show about Jazz and her family’s experiences navigating her transition. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Unfortunately, conservative writer Jodi Swan doesn’t share my sentiments about all this. According to Swan, it is a “massive slap in the face…to Christian values”. She also says, “If Jazz Jennings truly believes that she is “a girl trapped in a boy’s body,” she does not deserve ridicule, but rather the psychological help and spiritual guidance that has apparently been absent in her life for a very long time. She does not belong on television screens nationwide to put progressive ideas into the minds of impressionable youth who are already struggling to find their own identities, albeit in a much more normal fashion.” In other words, people who are transgender should have the decency to keep their disgusting asses in the closet and not inflict their poisonous “lifestyle” on “normal” people. Yessiree, those are some real Christian values, Ms Swan (no,  not that Ms Swan).

Yes, Jesus spoke out against the “gays” and the “trannies” all the time. Why just look at the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew, chapter 5…, no, not that verse, how about…, well, we’ll come back to that one. In the 6th Chapter of Luke, he says…, no, that’s not what I was looking for. How about his first sermon in the synagogue in Nazareth..., dang it, that’s not it, either. I know it’s in here somewhere. Why, there’s just got to be a place where Jesus says being gay is a sin. Yeah, when someone actually finds that, how about letting me know. I’m not holding my breath until it happens, though.

Evidently, Swan thinks that if we acknowledge that people like Jazz exist, they’ll infect the “normal” kids. I’m no expert on biology, but I’m pretty sure gender dysphoria isn’t any more contagious than being an asshole who “others” innocent young people because they feel threatened by change. I’d say it’s less so, because, while I’ve never heard of a child becoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. from being exposed to folks who are, I’ve heard of plenty who grew up to be jerks because they spent their childhood immersed in the hateful rhetoric of their families and communities (and by “communities”, I mean “churches”). I don’t know about anyone else, but as a parent, if I had to choose between my kids being “infected” by something, I’m thinking that LGBTQ beats “flaming asshole” any day of the week.