Church Sign Epic Wins

I love Christian Piatt’s “Church Sign Epic Fails“. It’s funny, it’s clever and it has very little deeper meaning whatsoever. Sometimes, you need that. Sometimes, you just need to see something stupid and silly and laugh about it. I was trying to find something for this morning’s entry and was looking at church signs when I saw a couple that were pretty good. Since Christian has the “fail” end of things covered, I decided, I take on some “Church Sign Epic Wins”. Disclaimer: I offer no assurance that all of these are actual church signs. All I will say I thought they were good ones. Your experience may differ.


Since it is Lent, we’ll start with this one.


A church that observes Pirate Day? Freakin’ awesome!

live simply

Not funny or snarky, but something much rarer on a church sign: good theology.

waiting for a sign

Any church sign that goes for a pun and actually nails it is definitely a win.


Who wouldn’t love Hipster Jesus?


We get better presents, too.

church of the latter day dude

I’m seriously considering converting to Dudism.