Cupcakes and World Views

pi pie
It doesn’t really have much to do with the post, but a Pi pie is just to awesome not to share.

Recently, a friend tweeted “I thought it was about cupcake recipes, but it turns out that The Cupcake Bible is a Bible with a cupcake on the cover.” To which, I replied “Well, that’s disappointing. If it’s not recipes, you’d think they’d at least include some cupcake-related commentary.” After I shared that, I began to wonder what “cupcake-related commentary” would look like. That caused me to realize I have no frame of reference as my world view is pie-centric than cupcake-related. I don’t really get the whole cupcake craze anyway. I mean, they’re fine for kids, but I need more than a couple of bites of dry cake and a little icing. Pie, now, there’s something to build a world view on.

I suppose I should take a minute here to expand on what a world view actually is. I went to the Google and looked it up, but the first one I read was so long and incomprehensible I gave up. It said something about “fundamental cognitive orientation” and “fundamental, existential, and normative postulates”. See what I mean? I had to have something neater, cleaner…, simpler. I found it on the Focus on the Family website which said a worldview is “the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world”. Much better.

Of course, everyone has a worldview, but until the evangelical revolution of late 20th century, most of us had never heard of the term. Since then, we’ve been taught that our “world view” was extremely important. So important that we shouldn’t be sending our kids to public school where they might actually learn stuff. No, it would be much better if children attended a private Christian school that ensured they had the appropriate world view. Even better would be home schooling so you could be positive that your offspring learned only that which you already knew and they weren’t exposed to any of the pernicious influences in the world like knowledge or free thinking. I, however, graduated from high school in 1979 and had left my good religious upbringing to become a heathen who didn’t set foot inside a church by the time all this came about. Which makes me sad.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t taken the idea of world view to heart, though. As I said before, mine is shaped by pie. Different world views deal with the problems of life in different ways. For instance, a fundamentalist Christian world view would say that every problem encountered can be answered by the Bible. Someone with that view might answer the question “What’s wrong with the world?” by saying “Humans are dirty, disgusting sinners.” With my pie-shaped world view, however, I would say “There is not enough pie in the world”. Because. as we all know, pie makes even the worst situation tolerable.

I believe that many of the problems in this world could be solved by pie. You see, if you make more pies, you need more  farmers to produce the ingredients, more workers in plants to package and distribute those ingredients, more truck drivers to deliver them to the bakeries and more bakers to make the pies. This would all but eliminate unemployment. And, people with jobs are much less likely to be homeless or hungry. And, the obesity that would inevitably accompany eating all that pie? Well, it’s still win because that will make more jobs in the health-care and diet industries. As you can see, my pie-centric world view is no sillier than seeing everything through the lens of a 2000 year old book you don’t really understand.