Does it Matter?

Tuesday, scientists announced the results of an experiment involving matter and anti-matter in an attempt to understand the foundations of the universe.  I’m not going to go into the science of it (I’ve attached a link for that), but the basic result is that, contrary to earlier thought, when matter and anti-matter come together there is not complete annihilation.  Approximately, 1% of the matter is not consumed and this matter is what makes up our universe.  What does this have to do with what I usually talk about?  The author of one of the many blogs I read, Jason Boyette , was offering a free copy of his latest book to the best metaphor using the matter/anti-matter thing to describe faith.  Always on the lookout for a freebie, I posted “How about this for a metaphor: matter is love. Antimatter is everything else. Love wins.”  Pretty good, I thought.  It’s pithy, succinct, to the point and I thought I had a pretty shot.  Until I read Amber’s, that is.  See what you think:

“The collision of quark particles takes such an extreme amount of energy that the project took 17 miles of high power acceleration…all to crash together particles that are so small we only know they exist because they interact with other particles.

And yet, with all that energy, effort, toil and sweat and speed and explosive power that was so huge some scientists were afraid it would create a black hole large enough to swallow the world, we get…almost nothing. The energy collides the quark particles and instantaneously creates matter and antimatter that consume each other so quickly that they literally only exist for a fraction of a second. They don’t turn into something else, they don’t melt, they don’t fry, they don’t burn, they don’t even disappear, they just…aren’t.

Except 1%. Of the millions of joules it took to make that creation in the first place, only 1% of it remains. And yet, that is the difference between hot and cold, light and dark, life and death. That 1% is the difference between IS and WAS.

And so it is with Christ. He pours continually into us, with such a passion, such a fervor, such an energy that two millennia ago a glance of its power seemed to nearly split the world in two. He pursues us with such energy it’s quite literally unfathomable. And yet, we are not. We see not. We feel not. We breathe not. We know not. We hear not. But he keeps pouring massive amounts of Himself toward us because He knows that even though 99% is absorbed in the antiChrist that surrounds us, 1% will come through. And that 1% is all that matters, for it’s the difference between hot and cold, light and dark, life and death, IS and WAS.”