Doing Important Stuff Here


I hope  you all watched the Grammys last night, because something amazing happened: during the broadcast, 33 couples, both straight and LGBT, were married in a ceremony conducted by Queen Latifah while Macklemore performed “Same Love”. It was amazing! Okay, I can only assume it was; I didn’t watch because, well, it’s all just too mainstream. P!nk, Metallica and Katy Perry? Please, when they start featuring good bands like Dr. Shlomo and the GI Clinic I might consider watching, but not before. It’s possible I would’ve compromised my musical principles if I’d known Trombone Shorty was in on the deal; watching that cat blow would be worth it. Oh well.

All in all though, I agree with Sara Bareilles who said “This shit cray. What an emotions. Yeah I said it. Macklemore doing important stuff here. Wow. And holy shit I sang with Carole King !!!” Oh yeah, Sara Bareilles sang with Carole King. I suppose it’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, some of my LGBT friends don’t feel the same way and, to be honest, my feelings are hurt. Granted, their reaction isn’t really news to me since a lot of them aren’t big fans of Macklemore’s song in the first place and they haven’t exactly been shy about voicing their displeasure. But, it still hurts. One responded with the following series of hashtags yesterday:

“#whenIwasinthirdgrade #IthoughtIwasMacklemore#becauseIlovedtosingaboutstuffIknewnothingabout”

Another said in a blog post:

“Okay, so Macklemore is pro-marriage equality. Great, fine, here’s your cookie”

See what I mean? Hurtful, just plain hurtful.

I’m not sure where all this bitterness is coming from. I mean, you’d think these folks would be ecstatic that straight, white people are on their side since nothing of any actual worth happens unless straight, white people are involved. Don’t they understand what Macklemore is doing is a good thing because, well, we say it is? Of course, we say that because it makes us feel better, but isn’t that what’s most important?

Okay, so you’re unhappy with Macklemore and the Grammy’s hijacking same-sex marriage and using it as PR stunt. I get that. But, it’s a publicity stunt that helps your cause and isn’t shitty, dismissive, condescending  help better than no help at all?

Do ostentatious, staged spectacles actually do anything to change people’s minds? Probably not, but they’re fun and they give us normal people  allies a way to show that we’re cool and open minded on your side.  I mean, seriously, the troglodytes opposed to same-sex marriage aren’t going to be swayed anything we do, short of building relationships with them and who wants to do that? It’s a lot easier to throw big, showy parties (you guys love that kind of thing, so it’s a win all the way around) and tell the world we’re doing important stuff, by God!

Don’t you people understand that this is a solidarity thing? We’re on your side, damn it! Don’t dismiss us. I mean, sure, we’ve done that to you years, but please don’t return the favor. Even if we do deserve it.