Everybody Has an Agenda

agendaThe last sermon I heard (two weeks ago; this past weekend I was freezing my ass off at a soccer game in Fairfax, VA) was based on Luke 20:20-27. That, of course, is the passage where several Sadducees try to trip Jesus up with some bullshit about a woman who married seven different brothers and who she would be married to after the resurrection. I say “bullshit” because the Sadducees didn’t  even believe in the resurrection, much less care what Jesus thought. Despite their attempt to sound like earnest seekers appealing to a wise, they were actually wormy little bastards with an agenda; which was  to trip up what they considered a trouble-making rabble-rouser. While it is easy to come down on these guys as wormy bastards with an agenda, the truth is we all have an agenda of some sort.

The way we’re bombarded with messages about the dangers of the “homosexual agenda”, you might think an agenda is a bad thing. Really, it all depends on how you define it. An agenda can be as benign as a list of things that need to be done or as (possibly) malignant as “a plan or goal that guides someone’s behavior and that is often kept secret“. I have an agenda, myself; it consists of finding a way to get paid for the brain droppings I commit to public display. It’s really kind of shallow, isn’t it? And, it’s intensely personal. That’s the way most agendas are: personal and not the product of a monolithic organization dedicated to some secret plan to corrupt and destroy our society.

As much as our conservative brothers and sisters want to believe it, the “homosexual agenda” doesn’t really exist. At least, not in the way they think (see second definition). If there is a “gay agenda, though, I think Kimberly Knight sets it out best. Lately, she’s been posting her big ol’ lesbian agenda  on her blog and Facebook page. It includes things like “Clean out basement (it looks like an episode of Hoarders down there)”, “Clean the house” and “Snuggle and sleep peacefully while the world collapses from the unbearable weight of my lascivious lifestyle”. I have a few LGBT friends and, while do have an agenda, it’s not secret and it doesn’t affect anyone but themselves and their families. Can everyone say that?

Agendas in and of themselves are not necessarily bad things. Oh sure, they can be; it all depends on why you have one and what you do with it. Take the Sadducee’s, for example. These guys were consumed with weird, esoteric minutiae and, because of that, they couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Like the pharisees’ obsession with the finer points of the law, their fixation on things like the ridiculous question they asked Jesus meant they didn’t have to confront the fact that they weren’t caring for the poor as the Law required. I think, on some level, they were aware of that, which made them all the more hostile to the man who pointed it out.

Like I said earlier, everyone has an agenda. What’s yours?