First of what I hope is many

As this is my first blog post here, I want to lay out what I hope to accomplish here. I’m good Methodist boy and have been for a while and I spend a bit of time checking new and different theological ideas. Recently, through a friend, I was exposed to the NOOMA videos from According to their website “We are a group of people committed to giving everyone a fresh look at the teachings of Jesus”. Interesting, I thought, and began to dig a little more. The fellow doing the videos is Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church. I started looking into Brother Bell, finding that he was considered a part of the Emergent Church movement. Or, conversation as people involved prefer to call it. Whatever. I’d heard of this bunch, but never thought that much about it. But, in my research, I found that there was more than a bit of controversy about this stuff. Mostly from those of a more fundamentalist bent. Not a being of fan of this viewpoint, I automatically began to like Rob and the NOOMA vids that much more. I also began to look at the emerging church idea more. The more I look, the more I like. Someone once said that a person’s intelligence varied directly with how they agreed with you. If that’s the case, these emerging folks must geniuses, because they hit all the right points with me.

So, I’ve decided to take a theological journey. I have no idea where it’ll end up, outside of following Jesus’ footsteps and trying to live more like Him. Since I think better when I write it down, I’ll posting my ideas, thoughts questions here. Because, I’m just vain enough to think somebody else might care what I think.