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Park51, also known as Cordoba House and “the mosque at Ground Zero”, continues to stir up rhetoric.  Unfortunately, that rhetoric is taking the form of really bad songs. The way this thing is unfolding, it feels like we’re in the Twilight Zone (the classic TV show, not that stupid vampire crap).  Submitted for your approval:


A friend of mine posted this stinker on his Facebook page today with a rather angry message.  With lines like “Everything we need to know, we learned on 9-11” and “all you wanna do is rub salt in the wound”, you can see it’s the epitome of tolerance.  My favorite line in the whole song is “that’s hallowed ground, back off you vultures!”.  Yeah, it’s hallowed all right.  Bars and topless clubs are the first thing I think of when the word “hallowed” is mentioned.


This one makes an actual attempt at tolerance with the opening line “We’ve got freedom of religion, I understand”.  Then, it goes down hill with “but Ground Zero is one location where mosque shouldn’t stand!”  It also hits the sacred/hallow thing too with “It’s a sacred place and that’s a cold, hard fact”  This line is interesting, “If we let ’em build it, can’t you see, they’ll turn 9-11 into a mockery.”  The sponsors of Park51 say they chose the original name of Cordoba House to invoke 8th-11th century Cordoba, Spain, a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews all co-existed peacefully.  Yeah, I can see where that would mock the 9-11 tragedy.


I didn’t pull any lines out of this song because I couldn’t decide which ones to use.  As soon as I thought I’d found something that characterized it, he’d up the ante yet again.  Most of these songs (and the rest of the insane crap being spouted) lump all Muslims into one big nasty pile, but I think this guy does it better than most. 

You know, it’s bad enough that these songs are hateful, bigoted and just plain intolerant.  But, on top of all of that, they’re bad.  I mean, really bad.  I’m talking mind-boggling, brain-melting bad.  You know, I thought some of the post-9/11 songs were bad, but they’re Grammy quality next to these.  I know these songs are an expression of people’s frustration over something they see as an affront.  But, maybe we all need to think it over and see if we aren’t guilty of the same kind of insensitivity in the Middle East.  And, even if we aren’t, somebody needs to be the adult and stop this pissing contest.  So, why not us?