Freedom’s Call (aka Official Donald Trump Jam)

This has been a busy  week. Interesting, sure; but busy, nonetheless. On top of school work, maintaining a long distance relationship and volunteering at Love Wins, I became a grandfather. Yes, beloved, my first grandchild, Harrison Dwight, was born Tuesday morning at 2:29 AM. I was there for most of it, but they wouldn’t let me be in the room for the final act (it was a Caesarean birth). No matter, everything’s fine and he is absolutely wonderful.

Of course, doing the grand dad thing (which has the dad gig beat all to hell, let me tell you) means I haven’t done much writing this week. And, what I did do was mostly school related. Since blogging was put on the back burner this week, I thought I’d share some of that work with you today. It’s not overtly Christian, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

Freedom’s Call?

satire def

Sometime around the middle of January 2016, what passes for Donald Trump’s campaign staff planned a rally to be held in Pensacola, Florida. Someone in that organization of “winners” thought it would be a good idea to open the rally with a catchy tune from a group of young ladies who call themselves the “USA Freedom Kids”. You may have seen the video and know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I’m not sure if you should lament that fact or fall to your knees thanking God, because it is hilarious and frightening at the same time.

In a tribute so star-spangled it would make Captain America blush, we are treated to a patriotic songfest the likes of which we haven’t seen since Hollywood was recruited to sell war bonds during World War II. The only thing missing is an image of Donald Trump punching Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, in the throat.  Seriously, if there’s a patriotic cliché this song doesn’t contain, I’m not sure what it could be. Along with a few inexplicable items, like “Ameritude” (what does that even mean?) and the aforementioned clichés (“our colors don’t run, no siree” and enough mentions of “freedom” to make you sick), the song is peppered with Trump sayings like “Deal from strength or get crushed every time”. If all that’s not bad enough, it horrifyingly references “President Donald Trump”

After a few viewings, I noticed a couple of things: 1) that the girls are never shown in close-up. I’m guessing it’s because no one wanted to see them blinking out a Morse code message for rescue like a Vietnam War POW. And 2) at first, the audience appears horrified, as any normal human being would, at the specter of three impressionable children being forced to spout Trumpisms in public. But, being Trump supporters, they quickly overcome any revulsion they might be feeling and start clapping along…, in a creepy, almost robotic fashion that suggests their brains have sucked out and replaced with tapioca pudding. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

Media response to the song has been…, let’s say “interesting”. The Washington Post declared the song is a mash-up of “‘Over There’ and, weirdly, Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass'”. I’m not sure what the Post has against Blondie or the song that was their first #1 hit, but that’s a low blow. had another take, referring to the song as “infectious”. Sure, if by “infectious” you mean, “will haunt my dreams from now till I die”. It appears I’m a bit out of step with mainstream journalists these days.

According to the group’s manager, Jeff Popick, “While there are several candidates who could begin to turn around the Obama debacle, we think there may be no one better than President Donald Trump to answer ‘Freedom’s Call’.” Um, “Obama debacle”? Since when do we consider record low unemployment, a resurgent economy and millions of people with health care a debacle?

Popick is one righteous, freedom-loving dude, though. He told the Washington Post in the same interview, “To me, freedom is everything. That’s what this group is about. That’s what I’m about. Freedom for everybody. That’s the inspiration.” He’s also the father of one of the Freedom Kids: Alexis, the interminably cute 8-year-old out front, working hard to make the dreadful choreography somewhat bearable. He also told the Post that he considers this “crazy journey” a “win-win no matter what.” Well, of course, he does. I mean, what’s more American than pimping out your daughter? Especially to elect a fellow freedom-lover like Donald Trump.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel distinctly unclean after watching this video. Honestly, I feel like there’s not enough soap and water in the world to wash off the oily film that is the after-effect of a Donald Trump rally. And, the worst part is, I can’t unsee it. The image of these poor, innocent young women being forced to perform at function for a narcissistic, money-hoarding billionaire with a xenophobic streak a mile wide is burned into my brain and it may never go away. You know when I said the song “will haunt my dreams from now till I die”? That’s not hyperbole. You have no idea how much I wish it was.