If you’re one of the few people who read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll notice some differences.  First of all, the address is different.  Originally, this blog was hosted by, which is a fine thing; as long as you don’t mind minimal control over what you write and put on your page.  I kept running into things that I wanted to do that they wouldn’t let me do and the answer was to switch to a self-hosted site.  The upside of this is I can do almost anything I want…, as long as it’s legal and I’m not spamming anyone.  The downside is all that nit picky computer stuff that WordPress used to take care for me,?  Well, they don’t do that anymore, I do.  And, while I do fine with some computer stuff, a lot of this is over my head.  It’ll be a learning experience, I guess

The second difference you might notice are the ads on the right side of the page.  I really thought long and hard about this, but the short answer is that I need to make some more money right now, but I want to keep writing.  The ads are a way to do both.  I will always try to keep any ads on the site relevant to what I’m about here. 

If you’re already a subscriber, you may have to resubscribe.  I’m sorry about that, but look at this way: these changes are going to make the blog better and allow me to keep publishing on a regular basis.  If you do subscribe and you get notification of this entry, post a comment so I’ll know it reached you.  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll send you an email with the new address. 

Thanks to everyone who visits my page.  I’ll admit I write this as much for myself as I do for anyone else, but I’m enough of an attention whore that it’s very gratifying when you look at my stuff.  For indulging that less-than-attractive side of my personality, I extend my most heart-felt thanks.  Keep on reading and click an ad or two now and then.  I need the money.