Hot and Cold…, or Just Stupid

As a rule, I’m not one of those people who attribute every serendipitous accident to God.  I mean, sometimes, sh…, er, stuff just happens.  However, my experience last night tempts me to rethink that assessment.  I was struggling, looking for a topic and failing miserably.  Finally, about to fall asleep, I gave up and went to bed.  This morning, the CBS Early Show gave me what I was so desperately searching for last night.  Take a look at this:

What is it about Katy Perry that gets some folks so up in arms?  The original clip garnered almost a million and a half views and over 6000 comments, before being removed.  Saying that some of the comments weren’t fit for Sesame Street would an understatement.  It seems quite a few adults are unhappy with Katy’s dress, saying it’s inappropriate.  One commenter said “It looks like her t*ts are falling out!”  Another said something about what kids see early on sticks with them (for some reason,this one didn’t stand out quite as much as the previous one).  Come on, the kids that would be watching this don’t give a crap what Katy’s wearing, they don’t even realize she’s there.  They’re so focused on Elmo, you could put a couple knockin’ boots in the background and they wouldn’t notice.  The Sesame Street people know this and don’t put big Hollywood stars on the show for the kids; they’re there for the adults.  I don’t really see a problem with the dress and I don’t think that’s the real issue.  The issue is who’s wearing the dress: Ms. Katy “I Kissed a Girl” Perry. These people need to stop hiding behind their kids and be honest: they are offended because Katy makes them think about sex.  And, thanks to us Christians, sex isn’t something that should even be acknowledged, much less be on Sesame Street.  We need to do something about that.