I… Am… A… Nerd

The past week, I feel like I’ve been on the edge of burning out on the blogging thing. A couple of days ago, I started 3 different pieces before I finally found one that didn’t bore the hell out of me. That’s not to say I was excited about it, though; only that I was able to finish it. It was beginning to worry me, so I consulted a friend and fellow blogger. At one point in the conversation, he told me I’d lost the personal touch that he enjoyed in my earlier writing. Looking at my recent work, I had to admit he was right; there wasn’t much of me in it. So, in an effort to reclaim the magic, I’m going to get personal and let you in on a secret: I’m a bit of a nerd.

And, here’s the proof

While that may not be a shock to you, it certainly was to me. I never realized I was a nerd until Olivia, my youngest, assured me that, A) yes, I was a nerd and, B) it’s not a bad thing . It all went down like this: a couple of years ago, I had gotten new glasses which were, let’s face it, poindexters (if you’re unfamiliar with that term, here’s a picture):

Anyway, a couple of days after getting them, I asked Olivia if they made me look nerdy. She said “Yeah, but that’s okay; you are a nerd.” That revelation caught me off guard and I wondered “Is she was right?”

It really unnerved me. Seriously, how could anyone as cool as I am be a nerd? I mean, nerds are weird people who are obsessed with arcane subjects and technology, they’re fashion-impaired and socially inept. And, I’m none… Oh crap, I realized, I’m all of those things.

Obsessed with arcane knowledge? Do you read this blog? Yeah. On the technology end, I’m a blogger and blogging is the nerd’s diary, so I’ve got that covered. Rachel, my oldest daughter, has pointed out to me on multiple occasions that my fashion sense is severely lacking. And, socially inept? Please, I wrote the book on that. Look up “painfully shy” in the dictionary and you’ll see my picture. Add in the fact that I love sci-fi and off-the-wall TV and movies and it’s plain as the nose on your face: I… am… a… nerd.

But, as Olivia was quick to point out, that’s not a bad thing because, in her words, “Nerds rule”. And, after that initial shock wore off and I accepted my nerdiness, I realized she was right. Being a nerd means you can indulge in your passions without worrying about how cool you look. Hell, you’re not cool anyway, so who cares? Embracing my nerdiness has been amazingly freeing; not worrying about whether I look cool or if I’m in the clique feels really, really good. You should try it.

Face it, we’re all a little nerdy sometimes; even jocks. Honestly, what’s more nerdy that fantasy football? That stuff is nothing but Dungeons and Dragons with sports. And, all that bracket-mania during the NCAA tournament? Filling out a good bracket requires reading and understanding stats, right? And, who was always the team statistician in high school? Exactly, a nerd. Face it, fellows, you’re no different from the kids you used to shove in lockers back then.

We have this idea that nerdiness is somehow the opposite of coolness. But, if you think about it, being a nerd is the height of cool. Because what’s cooler than someone who’s happy with who they are and doesn’t care who knows it? So, let your inner nerd out to play. But, be warned: getting them back inside won’t be easy because it’s so damn much fun.

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