I Don’t Wear Black

Recently, someone told me that I spend too much time fighting a battle I can’t win. They were talking about the fight for LGBTQ rights, but it’s really about justice for all. I have to admit, that statement stunned me because no one has ever called me to account over fighting for justice. This morning, I was doing some research on the internet…, okay, I was really procrastinating. Hey, it’s a part of my process: I waste as much time as I possibly can before breaking out in a flop sweat and nervously throwing some words up here at the last possible minute (I deal with imaginary deadlines). But, this morning, wonder of wonders, my incessant surfing paid off. While looking for funny stuff on YouTube, I found this video of Johnny Cash

Embedly Powered

I’ve loved Cash since I was a kid. One of the first songs was “Ring of Fire” (the other was “I Want to Hold Your Hand”). But, Cash’s words in this song cut right to the heart of why I do what I do. There are plenty of happier things I’d love write about, but until all God’s children are loved and valued, I won’t. I guess that’s my way of wearing black.