I’m Resolving Not to Make Any Resolutions

New year'sWell, it’s 2014 and that means my news feed will be full of social media posts wishing me a Happy New Year, recapping of the year past and, of course, laying out New Year’s resolutions. I won’t be posting any of the above, however. Because:

  1. I can’t seem to write a Happy New Year status that doesn’t sound sappy and disingenuous,
  2. More than likely, the people who care about what I might have done this past year already know and
  3. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions

I quit making New Year’s resolutions for much the same reason I quit giving things up for Lent: I never seem to follow through and end up feeling bad about myself. God knows I do that enough already and don’t need to add any opportunities.

Last year, I made some rather snarky resolutions that I thought would be fairly easy to keep as they didn’t require any real change on my part. Amazingly, I kept them…, sort of. I say “amazingly” because I’m a master at shooting myself in the foot and “sort of” because I did a really half-assed job fulfilling them. Considering all I had to do to keep them was be myself, it’s more than a little sad that I didn’t do better at it. Because of that, this year I’m resolving not to make any resolutions.

That doesn’t mean I don’t plan to grow, to change, to try to become a better person. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any goals I’d like to meet. It most certainly doesn’t mean I plan on being a lazy slug with no ambition. It means that I’m not setting myself up for failure with the delusion that I’m actually a decent, motivated individual with a plan. Because I’m not. Okay, maybe I do make the occasional stab at being a decent person and I’m not exactly a lazy slug with no ambition (it is close, though). But, having a plan? That one escapes me.

Will I attempt to make more than the occasional stab at being a decent person? Absolutely. Will I be a lazy slug a lot more than I want? More than likely. Am I setting the bar incredibly low? Without a doubt. But, sometimes that’s what it takes to be happy.