It’s Advent (Sigh)

My expression whenever one of my friends waxes eloquent about Advent
My expression whenever one of my friends waxes eloquent about Advent

Yesterday was the beginning of Advent and posts about it are starting to show up in my news feed. I am not happy about that, in part, because Advent posts are almost as irritating as people who are whiter than sour cream saying “That’ll preach” at every opportunity, thinking it makes them sound hip(And, by “hip”, I mean black. Just so you know, it doesn’t. It makes you sound like a nerdy white person trying to sound hip) While Advent is a lot of things, it’s not fun. Especially because, from now until Christmas, all my progressive Christian friends are going to yap incessantly about it. Talking about their Advent calendars, what Advent really means, lighting candles(after 23 years as a firefighter, I’m not really a fan of candles because I’ve seen what they can do) and God knows what else. As if listening to conservatives yammer on about their made-up “War on Christmas” and yuppie parents posting pictures of that super-creepy Elf on the Shelf isn’t bad enough, I’ll also have to listen to a bunch of high church freaks “educate” me about how I’m supposed to view this season. I wish I could fucking hibernate until December 24th and miss all this bullshit.

That previous paragraph is a satirical look at my views on Advent and I don’t really feel that way when people talk about it. Well, I don’t always feel that way. Okay, I pretty much always feel that way, but that’s my fault, not yours. Advent is hard for me for several reasons, most notably the words associated with it: hope, peace, joy and love. I realize having problems with those words seems a little odd, but then I’m kind of an odd guy. I also struggle with the whole “expectant waiting” thing. After all those years as a firefighter, I’m better at doing than waiting. Couple that with my ADHD and you get someone who isn’t exactly what you’d call patient. Saying that waiting is hard for me is an understatement on the order of saying the Ku Klux Klan doesn’t like minorities.

So, what do I do with all this? If I was a normal person, I’d sit down with my pastor and/or therapist and work out my issues in private. But, as we all know, I’m not normal, I’m a writer. So, I’ll write about it. Once a week over the course of this season, I’ll take one of those words and write about my difficulties with it. Will it be fun? Probably not, but that’s okay; I doubt anyone’s coming here for laughs. Will it be interesting? I hope so, since there’s not much that scares me more than being boring. Will it help anyone? Again, I hope so, even if it’s just me. Helping people figure things out is one of the main reasons I write all this crap. So, tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel[1]and, Wednesday this week, for an inside look at what passes for my thoughts on the wonderful season of Advent.


1 and, Wednesday this week