It’s Just a Movie

Last Friday, The Hangover II opened in movie theaters across the country.  Last Tuesday, Jon Acuff wrote a piece on Stuff Christians Like titled Pretending You Didn’t See The Hangover 2 Last Weekend.  In it, he gently (or not so gently) satirized the way Christians justify seeing such an obviously secular movie.  It’s an excellent post and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  But, good as it is, the most interesting part for me were the comments people made.  A few openly admitted they saw the movie and loved it, one person saying “Saw it. Laughed. Lead worship at church three days later. Nobody lost their salvation as a result.”  The response to that comment represents the other end of the spectrum: “you have no idea of the effects of your actions. Sin is not something to be taken lightly, it crucified the Son of God. Do you honestly think that Jesus would sit in the seat next to you during the showing of the movie?”  Personally, I think Jesus probably would’ve gone to the movie had he been here and, more than likely, he would’ve enjoyed it.  Hey, the guy has to get some downtime some way and he’s got to have a sense of humor.  Otherwise, there would’ve been a big ol’ smitefest after about 10 minutes with those thick-headed disciples.  Okay, enough rambling, back to business.  While a few commenters actually saw and enjoyed it, most seemed to be to either have seen it and been repulsed by it or, like the sin commenter, refuse to darken the door of any theater showing such filth.  Both groups weren’t thrilled with that some Christians saw the film and didn’t have a problem with it.  To those groups I say: IT’S JUST A MOVIE! 

I’m probably going to regret this next statement, but what the hell.  Too many Christians won’t watch movies like The Hangover II because they’re dirty and God doesn’t approve. But, ignoring the homeless, screwing the poor and ostracizing gay people?  He’s cool with that.  Seriously, I’m willing to bet if you asked most Christians who react negatively to movies like The Hangover (I or II) where they’re political allegiances lie, the majority would be Republicans.  And, from the exploits of the Republicans in Congress, it appears that the poor, the homeless and “the gays” aren’t high on their list of priorities.  It never ceases to amaze me that Christians, people who have dedicated they’re lives to Christ, are more worried about hearing a dirty word or seeing some naked flesh than they are about the plight of the very people to whom we are called to ministry.  It’s the same disconnect inherent in protesting against abortion because it’s murder and then, a few days later, protesting in favor of the death penalty.  Can someone explain this lunacy to me? 

Finally, another comment stated that the writer struggled “with the Holy Spirit convicting me that I shouldn’t be watching/enjoying a movie like The Hangover.”  Ever notice how people seem to get convicted rather easily over things like sex in movies and tv, foul language and music.  Getting convicted over living like a king while, just around the corner, people are homeless or starving, etc.  is evidently much harder.