Jesus pictures

 One of my inspirations when I write this blog is a gentleman named Matthew Paul Turner.  As I’ve said before, Matt’s blog is called Jesus Needs New PR.  What I haven’t told you is that he’s also written several books on life and faith and, from what I’ve seen so far they all have they same delicious snark he delivers on his website.  I’ve borrowed from him in the past and I’m about to again.  One of Matt’s things is digging up weird Christian pictures, especially of Jesus.  And, that’s what you get from me today: weird Jesus pictures.

For a starting point, I thought I’d use the image that everyone (in these parts, anyway) thinks of when they think of a picture of Jesus.  This one has to have icon status.

However, he probably looked more like this.  Discovery or the History Channel aired a documentary about what Jesus probably looked like and the facial reconstruction artist they used came up with this image.  A little different, huh?

Talk about different.  I’m not sure what the hell this is all about.

A Jesus Pez…, wow.


What would Republican Jesus do?

Several times, I’ve made smart-ass comments about Jesus carrying an assault rifle every where he went.  I never expected to find a picture of that.

This is oh-so-wrong, but oh-so-funny.

And, because one these picture posts wouldn’t be complete without some cheesy rip-off of popular culture, here you go:


Many thanks to Matt Turner and Sister Mary Martha for several of the pictures.