A Little Light Reading

If you read this blog on any sort of regular basis, you know I get material from a variety of sources; mostly blogs, but some books and video also.  I’ve decided to start a new feature where every weekend I show you them to you with a brief description.  The only hitch is I don’t have name for yet; if you have any suggestions, feel free.  Anyway, without further ado, here we go:

  • Hugh’s Views _ I wanted to start with Hugh because he’s a friend and I really respect the work he’s doing.  The man runs a ministry centered in downtown Raleigh, working with people on the margins.  Generally, that means homeless people, but knowing Hugh, nobody in need is ignored.  Check out the blog and then click the Love Wins link on the sidebar.  That’s the site for his ministry.  Look over and do whatever you feel led to do. Also, go to his home page and see if you can catch one of his speaking gigs.  The man is good.
  • Rachel Held Evans _ Rachel is the author of the book “Evolving in Monkey town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions“, about growing up in Dayton TN (home of the Scopes Monkey Trial.  Monkey town, get it?), being immersed in the Christian fundamentalist culture and how she got where she is today.  Which is distinctly more liberal.  Being a liberal Christian in the Bible Belt ain’t easy, a fact I can appreciate, and her words on the subject are spot on.
  • Learning To Sail _ This one is from Rev. Melissa Cooper, who may have the best job in United Methodist Church.  She’s a youth counselor at Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe N.C.  For those of not lucky enough to live in North Carolina, the camp is located on the Neuse River between New Bern and Oriental and I’m here to tell you that’s some beautiful country.  Not only that, she gets to hang out, have fun with and lead young people all the time.  Okay, I may be the only one who’d get excited about that last bit, but still.  I haven’t linked to Melissa a lot, but she has inspired or informed a number of my posts, the latest being “It’s Universal?“.  Unlike the first two entries on this list, we’ve never met in person.  We were both at the Big Tent Christianity conference in Raleigh last fall but never crossed paths.  I found her when she commented on a slightly more fundamentalist blogger’s critique of the conference (which he didn’t attend) and was impressed with what she said and how she said it.  She’s good, very good.

That’s enough for this week.  I’ll have some more for you, including at least one of the people who makes me feel completely inadequate as a writer.  But, I can’t stop reading them.