More Light Reading

Last Saturday, I posted a list of some of my favorite blogs.  I also promised you more this week.  So, rather than rattle on myself (I’ll do that later), here’s this week’s list:

Hacking Christianity_ This one is written by Jeremy Smith, a Methodist pastor, technerd and inveterate Star Wars fanatic.  But, we agree on things much more often than not and, in his Nerd Gospel Section, the guy wrote a post using the SyFy series “Firefly” to make his point.  You gotta love it.

Jesus Needs New PR_ Sometimes, it’s funny, others serious, but reading this blog is almost always a WTF moment.  Matthew Paul Turner, the author, shows us a side of Christianity that some of us aren’t really proud of.  He’s better at it than I am, because he manages to be snarky and smart-alecky, yet not offensive.  Damn.

Karen Spears Zacharias _ Karen is one of those writers who inspire and frustrate me at the same time.  I read her stuff and think, “Damn, that’s what I wanna do!”  Then, when I try, it never seems to live up to the promise.  Not only that, she’s an Alabama girl with a dog named Poe, which is the perfect name for a southern writer’s pet.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.