My Apologies

Over the last week, I’ve fallen down on the job.  Posting has been spotty and, frankly, I’ve cheated by riding the coattails of two big events: the Wild Goose Festival and a youth mission trip to Ohio.  In my defense, this hasn’t been my best week.  I’m coming down off the high from the aforementioned events, I’m dealing with my parents health issues and I went back to work (after a couple of weeks off) in what has turned out to be the hottest week of the year.  On top of that,  the last two days at the station (I’m a firefighter, in case you didn’t know) have brought two fires.  That’s bad enough on a  normal day, but factor in 100+ degree temperatures and it gets ugly.  I’ve been so tired and so busy, I’ve let things slide here and I’m sorry.  Next week, however, I should be back to my old radical, heretical self.  Thanks for hanging with me.