My Gift To You, Kids: Heredity and Neurodivergence

This works for both my kids and me.

Okay, I know a lot of these posts can come off like I want neurotypicals, extroverts, and other assorted “normal” people to eat a bag of diarrhea. And, while there are times when that’s true, it’s not the way I feel the majority of the time. But, sometimes y’all, sometimes some shit comes up that makes me want to tell the neurotypical world to fuck all the way off. A fuck ton of those times involve the causes of neurodivergence. And, none of them ever seem to touch on heredity, which is a huge piece of the puzzle. Instead, they focus on some bullshit that’s been cherry-picked from science. So, let’s talk about that.

The Latest Dumbshit Idea

You’ve probably noticed that every so often, you’ll see something about what causes ADHD/ASD. Vaccines are the most famous fucked up theory but it’s far from the only one. Tylenol usage while pregnant is the latest dumbshit idea these mouth-breathing cockwaffles have pulled out of their asses. It comes from some studies saying kids whose moms took Tylenol while pregnant may face a higher risk of developing ADHD and ASD. A researcher connected to one of the studies flat out says the causes of ADHD “are not well understood”. I emphasize “may” because, as we know, correlation doesn’t equal causation. But that hasn’t stopped a bunch of Karen-esque fucktrumpets from filing multiple lawsuits to cash in on their kids’ conditions. I hate people. So fucking much.

Shithead Karens and Legal Leeches, a Match Made In Hell

Now, let me state for the record that I am not discounting the findings of the studies in question. As the researcher referenced in the previous paragraph, Beate R. Ritz (MD, Ph.D.), said when they were talking about the causes of ADHD, “both environmental and genetic factors clearly contribute.” I mean, you’d have to be a moron not to see that. But, really, the studies aren’t the problem here. It’s the parents filing lawsuits and legal leeches who are enabling them. I say they’re a problem for two reasons: 1) they’re using their kids for a fucking payday and 2) doing so in a way that sends a message to those kids that there’s something wrong with them. And, there isn’t. They’re different, not broken. And, it’s highly likely that heredity played a major part in their neurodivergence.

Neurodivergence and Heredity

Like a lot of conditions we don’t know much about, theories of what causes neurodivergence abound. Some of them are rooted in science, which is good. Others appear to be dreamed up by parents shit-licking morons who are worried about their kids freaking out because their little darlings are less than perfect. But if we do a little digging, we usually find there are certain ideas that are pretty constant. One of those is heredity. You find it in cancer research, you find in arthritis, and you find it in things like ADHD and ASD. Basically, if you’re neurodivergent, there a good chance you got it from your folks.

I Got It From You, Dad

If you want proof that this shit is hereditary, you need look no further than my family. I have this shit, my kids have this shit, and at least one of my grandkids may have this shit (they’re too young for a full diagnosis as yet, but they’re definitely showing signs). The more I dig into things, the more I believe my dad also had this shit. He had communication challenges: Mom thought he was stuck up when she first met him because he just didn’t talk to people (later she found out he was “shy”). Emotional regulation was hard for him (to say the man had a “temper” is an understatement). His academic skills were amazing (his social skills, on the other hand, were not). And, he was very particular about how things needed to be done (his tools had to be stored just so, something I learned the fucking hard way). Unfortunately, he died in 2012, so we’ll never know for sure if he was autistic. But to me, it looks like there’s a fucking good chance of it.

My Childhood Was a Fucking Laugh Riot /s (that means “sarcastic” for you old fucks)

As you can imagine, growing up with someone like that as your father was a roller coaster ride. There were times we really connected. And, there were times when I felt like I couldn’t do any-fucking-thing to suit him. And, neither of us had the faintest fucking idea what was going on, which only made things worse. I’m only now beginning to understand what he must have gone through, dealing with neurodivergence and not knowing it what the hell it was. I mean, it sucks for me and I know. But to be completely ignorant of why you’re so goddamn different and being treated like some kind of freak because of it? Fuuuck. On the plus side, I am gaining a new understanding of my dad and why our relationship was so fucking difficult. Which is not nothing.

Can We At Least Talk About Heredity and Neurodivergence? Please?

We can go on at length about the stupid shit the neurotypical world believes about neurodivergence. All the shit that makes it sound like such a fucking burden, or something to be dreaded and avoided at all costs, all the while pretty much ignoring the role of heredity in neurodivergence. And, while there is some truth to the burden/avoidance narrative, it’s not really because of the condition. It’s the way society treats the condition. But, things have come such a long way since my dad first dealt with his (possible) ASD. Hell, since I first dealt with it. These days, my kids and I have tools to deal with this shit that my dad couldn’t even dream of. And, maybe, just fucking maybe, providing more of those tools is where we should be placing our focus. Instead, we waste time on fuckery about Tylenol or vaccines or any of the other bullshit that causes all these goddamn Karens to mislay their fecal matter. I’d love it if we made that our focus, but I’m not holding my breath until it happens.

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