Odds and Ends

crumb_odds_and_ends_cvrYears ago, when I first started to pursue this writing thing, I read that a writer should keep a file of ideas that occurred to them when they weren’t in a position to fully expand them. I’ve done that and it has served me well. While they might good, some of the ideas just can’t be turned into a 500 word blog post. In an effort to clean up the file a bit, I’ll throw a few of these at you and see if any of them stick.

  • Ninja Dolphin Assassins_ Relevant magazine recently published an article stating that the Ukrainian Navy has captured dolphins, fixed weapons to their heads and trained them to be assassins. If this is bullshit, all I can say is that it’s truly inspired bullshit. All I know is we are now living in an Austin Powers movie. Heck, I thought we were still at the mutated sea bass level, but apparently we are one short step away from having fricking sharks with  laser beams attached to their heads. I may never go in the water ever again.
  • An Ark! An Ark! My kingdom for an…, Ark? _ It appears another company is building a life-sized ark. Ark Encounter, brainchild of Ken Hamm’s Answers in Genesis, was the first. This new ark comes to us from a group calling itself The Hidden Ark. While there is a healthy dose of creationism involved in the website, this one doesn’t appear to solely be another vehicle for young earth propaganda; the builders claim their purpose is to rekindle “one of the biblical passages, and bringing with it a message that deals with the preservation of the fauna and flora, and a wake-up call about the latest changes taking place in the current world.” We’ll see.
  • Poor Joe Francis _ His business, Girls Gone Wild,  has filed for bankruptcy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad his business is in the toilet. It was about as skeevy as you could get; I mean, the guy preyed on drunk college girls, for God’s sake!  But, what I want to know is how you take a company whose business model is filming young women in various stages of undress (also known as a “licence to print money”) and get over $16 million in debt? Joe Francis must be the worst businessman in the country if not the world. Which is bad for Joe, but good for young women everywhere.
  • Girl Fight! Owen Strachan has issues with MMA fighting. So do I, but I don’t think we’re on the same page. Strachan is bothered by the fact that women fighting in this style make other women submitHere’s what he says about it: “Now we’re looking at women entering the MMA ring, brutalizing one another, tearing tendons, and–ironically–getting one another to submit”. I will give him credit for having problems with the violence inherent in the sport. Nor does he limit his issues just to women; he doesn’t support it for men, either. But, the tone of the article seems to be that women are delicate flowers who should never be put into such situations. Obviously, Owen hasn’t met any of the women I know. I’d rather go up against a grizzly bear in a Texas Death Match than lock horns with some of them.

I didn’t really make a dent in the file (there are a lot of these), but at least it’s a start. And, who knows, maybe you even liked a couple of them.