Religious Morons(s) of the Moment

We’re taking a break from our series about how Jesus changed the world today. I’m doing this because pastor (and use the term loosely) Terry Jones of Florida has done it again. He’s not alone this time, however. He’s backing a movie made by Sam Bacile called “Innocence of Muslims”. Because of that, these two idiots have incited riots in Egypt and Libya, which have caused the deaths of the U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and 4 others.  Bacile has gone into hiding after the uproar and has apologized for the death of Stevens and others. Bacile does say that he’s not responsible for the deaths, blaming lax security at the embassies and consular facilities. According to Bacile, he’s just exposing Islam for what it is. In a brief synopsis, the U.K. Daily Mail Online says:

“It showcases an amateur cast performing a wooden dialogue of insults  disguised as revelations about Muhammad, whose obedient followers are  presented as a cadre of goons

Yet another backer of the film, Morris Sadek, an Egyptian born Christian is promoting it on his website because it, supposedly, showcases the oppression of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Unfortunately, it goes beyond that by ridiculing Islam and it’s prophet Mohammed and accuses Islam of being inherently oppressive. Reckon why the Muslims are pissed off about this movie?

For his part, Jones said yesterday his church planned to show the movie tonight…, after International Judge Mohammed Day. If you haven’t heard of this particular day, don’t worry, it was concocted by Jones and the whack jobs at his Dove World Outreach Center. Every time I write about Jones and mention the name of his church, I’m struck with a sense of wonder.  I wonder how someone who is a pastor can be so brazenly intolerant and still lead a flock. I wonder how someone who’s church has the word Dove, a symbol of peace, can be the cause of such violence and unrest. As for the rest of the name, World Outreach…, well, he’s certainly living up to that part. In 2010, his plan to burn a Koran on International Burn a Koran Day stirred up so much controversy, he backed off of the plan. In 2011, emboldened by who knows what, held International Judge the Koran Day (the dude has a thing with word International) during which the Koran was put on trial for being responsible for violence, found guilty and burned. This action led to riots which led to at least 21 dead and 73 wounded and resounding condemnation of the act and calls for Jones’ prosecution. Different groups have place a multi-million dollar bounty on Jones’, according to the FBI. Not the greatest endorsement for a follower of Christ.

Jesus, himself a Jew, may have started out only dealing with his fellow Jews, but by the end of his ministry, he included everyone in his vision of the Kingdom of Heaven. He preached to Gentiles and Samaritans, used parables that included non-Jews and healed the Roman centurion’s servant. Cap that off with the Great Commission where He told his followers to “Make disciples of all the nations” and I’d say that His intention is that we all live in peace…, together. That includes Muslims, Christians and even Terry Jones and Sam Bacile. I’m not exactly thrilled with this, I’d prefer to limit the Kingdom to people who think like I do. But, that’s not how it works; if everyone’s not in, none of us are.