Sacrificed on the Altar of the Armalite

More shootings, more people murdered. More hand wringing while nothing of consequence is done. I guess this is where are now. That’s a

statement doesn’t apply to a whole lot in this country. I mean, America has always been


But we used to at least care about people. Now, even our kids are sacrificed on the Altar of the Armalite. Why? Why does a hunk of 

metal and plastic take the place of primacy over living, breathing
human beings, including the vulnerable ones who look to us for


Why are we making bulletproof backpacks or building schools with hidey-holes and metal detectors, and not enough doors in case some 

angry, twisted white boy decides to deal with his feelings of impotence by killing kids/immigrants/women when there’s a 


way to handle this? It’s because some of you want to keep these 5.56mm penis prosthetics more than you want to 

live in a country where people can go about their daily lives without fear of being mowed down 

In the street, 
In church, 
In fucking Walmart. 

Do you understand how deranged that is? No other country in the world has to deal with this shit. But we do. And, I’m here to tell you

that the vast majority of us in this nation are tired of this shit. We’re done with it all and we have one thing to say to you: 

Fuck you and fuck your