Merry CHRIST-mas


Recently, I saw what must be the most absolutely awesome Christmas tree ever.  Thanks to Matt Turner of Jesus Needs New PR who posted this:

But it’s bare.  In one of the comments to Matt’s post, someone said it needed Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh ornaments and great big Sarah Palin on top.  I tried, but I couldn’t find any of those.  But I did find these:

I mean seriously, what’s more patriotic than a red, white and blue elephant?

Look, you can celebrate Christmas and make a statement about the sanctity of human life!

I know it’s not a tree topper, but give them time.  Next year, they’ll have a bunch.

I can think of no better way to top off a CHRIST-mas tree than with a patriotic messenger of the Lord.  Maybe it’s the same one that came to Mary and Joseph!

Remember, “It’s not just a tree, it’s a movement!”


Fetus ornament courtesy of  weburbanist