The Adventure Begins

Yesterday was Day One of my teardrop camper build and things went all right. Which was a big change from Monday, let me tell you. I’m building this thing at mom’s place in the mountains and after heading up here, I realized I had forgotten some important medical stuff, so we had to turn around (fortunately, we hadn’t gone far). Then, I found out some of the parts I need aren’t going to be here till early next week. And, to top it all off, the company I’d ordered the roofing from called and said the shipping costs had gone up and would be over twice as much as the roofing itself, which is just crazy. Now, an ordinary mortal might be dismayed at such setbacks. But, in my family, it’s just part of the package. We refer to them as Rieves Adventures. And, they’re just as much fun as they sound.

Things got better, though. One phone call fixed the roofing problem. As for the late-arriving parts, they don’t come up until the end and I can knock that stuff out in few hours. So, things are looking up. The rest of the day passed without too much trouble, although I did waste a good 15 minutes looking for a caulking gun. I found it, but not with the painting stuff like you’d expect. Oh no, it was in a box under a workbench with some power tools (?!?). I know my dad had an organizational scheme in his shop; he could walk out there and find anything he needed right away. The rest of us, though? Pack a lunch is all I can say.

I do have a helper on this project. Olivia is with me and she did a bang up job. In fact, there were several things that, while not impossible without her, were much easier. And, I get to spend the kind of bonding time I did with my dad. That’s a win/win situation. Here are a few pictures from today:

A blank canvas
A blank canvas


My right hand..., girl?
My right hand…, girl?

The fruits of the first day's labor.

There are several benefits to building this thing at my mom’s. Of course, it’s nice to have a place to work indoors and the rockin’ shop my old man put together over the years makes is a big help. Plus, the food is amazing and I don’t have to cook. But, if you’d asked me what was number one last night, it would’ve been the jacuzzi tub my folks had the foresight to install when they built this place 14 years ago. Before I got in, it felt like someone had worked me over with a baseball bat. Afterward, not so much.

Today, I’ll be working on the walls and finishing the floor. After that, most of the heavy lifting is done. And, I mean that literally; the walls are 3/4″ oak plywood and they aren’t light. This is going to be interesting.