The Appeal of Donald Trump

Earlier this year, John Oliver said, “Donald Trump can seem appealing, until you take a closer look; much like the lunch buffet at a strip club. Or the NFL. Or, having a pet chimpanzee. Sure, it seems fun. But, one day, Coco’s gonna tear your fucking limbs off.” That may be the absolute best way to look at the candidacy of Donald Trump I’ve ever heard. But, no matter what he does, the guy just keeps getting more and more popular. That leads me to ask, “What is it about this short-fingered vulgarian, that people find so appealing?”

Most of us who don’t support Donald Trump wonder why his supporters want to burn it all down, but the better question is why wouldn’t they? If the elites had spent the last 50 years using the system to fuck you, you’d probably want to burn it down, too.

The rise of the of the Tea Party and it’s ultimate candidate, Trump, is due in no small part to the betrayal felt by work class whites toward the establishment. The GOP has promised these people the world and they haven’t delivered. More to point, they never had any intention of delivering.

There are a couple of problems with Crowder’s video, however. First off, it doesn’t go very deep. Mostly, I’d attribute that to the forum; as a rule, I don’t think people are going to sit through a long, in-depth analytical video on Facebook. I know I won’t. But, there’s something else going on: Crowder, like all too many of us liberals, is pretty damn condescending to our neighbors who support the Donald.

Most of the people I know who are supporting Trump aren’t overtly, or even consciously, racist.

Donald Trump, no internal dialogue? I’m not sure he’s ever had a thought he didn’t voice. Sometimes, you should just think it and not say it.