The Poors

Cheers to the poor peopleNow and then, I’ll come across something that just sets my teeth on edge. It happened today when I read a Facebook status that related some cockamamie story about a woman who, as a teen, volunteered at a food pantry. At the time, there was a frequent flyer who came in and got food while driving a Lexus and wearing designer clothes. The person telling the story said she “stared the woman down” and felt she was taking food from those who really needed it. Oh, how I wish the story ended there, but it didn’t.

You see, when the storyteller was older, she said she and her fiancé were laid off within a week of each other and had to survive on $425 a month. They wound up going on food stamps and, once, in the grocery store, she experienced the same kind of shame she dished out a the food pantry.

So, what did she learn from this experience? Not that she and her fiancé should have planned better and saved for a rainy day. Not that this catastrophe was most likely God’s punishment for living in sin. Not even that being poor sucks and should be avoided at all costs. No, what she picked up was the need for compassion toward others and that we shouldn’t judge anyone. Oh. My. God.

It really doesn’t surprise me, though. Right after all that bleeding-heart crap, she comes out as a self-admitted liberal (ugh). Of course she is, only a liberal would silly enough to believe there’s anything wrong with judging and shaming those who don’t conform. I mean, what would happen if we loved our neighbors and helped them when their foot slipped? Anarchy, that’s what. And, anarchy is not even remotely Christian because everyone knows Jesus cared more about laws than people.

The thing is that some of the poors still look like they have money, probably because they’re relatively new to this lowly station and still have a few possessions. Whatever the reason, it’s causing problems. If you ever find yourself in this situation, I suggest you sell everything you possibly can. This will do two things: 1) raise money for you live on, which  means you’re not free-loading off me and 2) let those of us who practiced a little fiscal responsibility know that you’re a welfare queen who is wasting our tax dollars on your lavish lifestyle. It’s not like I mind helping those less fortunate than I am, I mean it is in the Bible and everything. But, if any of you poverty-stricken takers want anything from me, you damn well better look the part.

I mean, really, if you’re going to be poor, have the common decency to look that way. It makes it easier for the rest of us to judge you.