The What I Am Thankful For Post

All right, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you know what that means: it’s time for my annual What I am thankful for list. This year wasn’t the easiest to navigate, what with my dad passing away and the return of my cancer. But, all in all, I’m still pretty blessed (I don’t like using that word, but it fits). So, without further ado, here goes:

  • First and foremost, I’m thankful my chemotherapy is done. Spending six months letting doctors pump just enough poison into my body to kill the cancer but not kill me was not the highlight of the past year, even if it wasn’t as bad as the last time I went through this. It’s kind of nice to not feel like crap all the time.
  • I’m thankful to be out of that damn apartment and into our new house; well, new to us. Take a look:

It’s nice and quiet, i.e., no one above us. I would’ve sworn there was an elephant in the apartment above ours. Then, we saw the girl who lived there. Rachel summed it up best when she said “She’s so tiny, but so loud!”

  • I’m truly thankful for The Big Bang Theory. Any show that makes nerds cool is tops in my book. Especially because I are one.
  • Amazon is another thing for which I’m thankful. These people have deals on everything and I do mean everything. I’ve bought coffee makers (grind and brew, Aeropress), books, movies, music, cell phone cases, computer batteries, and God knows what else. Everything I got was cheaper than it was at a brick and mortar store and that includes shipping. You can’t beat that.
  • A couple of years ago, in the first one of these posts, I included afternoon naps. That may be even more true today. Nothing beats an afternoon snooze in the recliner.
  • Diana, my family and my friends at church. Without them, I could never have made it through chemotherapy. With Diana, my daughters and my mom taking care of me and the good folks at College Park Baptist bringing me tons of excellent food, things went about as good as can be expected during such a shitty time.
  • That I have enough sense not go shopping on Black Friday. Those people are crazy and I’ll be damned if I’ll take my life in hands for the latest gadget, toy or deal.
  • My Droid smart phone. I can move money between bank accounts, surf the web, watch videos, you name it. I even have the Kindle app so if I have to use the bathroom while I’m out, I have something to read.
  • And, of course, my mother. She’s going to put on a spread for the holiday that will put anyone else’s to shame, both in quantity and quality. That makes me very happy.

As usual, I’ll end by asking you what you’re thankful for this year. Be sure to keep it silly, shallow and trivial. There’s more enough of that serious BS out there already.