Well, Hell

write something

Yesterday, I wrote what I think is one of my best posts ever. It was about hope and filled with all kinds of nifty, inspirational goodies guaranteed to make everyone feel better about the Zimmerman verdict. And, practically no one read it. Oh, a few people did and one, Diana, said it was good. But, she really doesn’t count; she’s my significant other and, legally, she has support me. FYI, that is what’s known in the trade as a joke. And, yes, I realize that, if you have to explain it, it’s not much of one.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: writers like to say they write for themselves, but that’s a big, fat lie. No one sits down in front of an empty screen and proceeds to sweat blood rounding up their thoughts (like herding cats in my case) and putting them into a coherent, readable form for their own enjoyment and edification. Okay, people who journal do that, but I don’t consider them “writers”. There’s a difference, believe me. Journalers (is that even a word?) write privately with no intention of sharing it with others. Writers, on the other hand, write with the express intention of publication, whether through a company, self-publishing or on the internet (the vanity involved in this is a topic for another time). Writing is an intensely personal act and the least you people can do is read everything I put out there.

Funny thing about that post yesterday: it has more Facebook shares that others with much better numbers. My problem lies with one word in that last sentence and that word is “numbers”. One of the best/worst things that has happened starting this blog is finding out about analytics services. For those of you not versed in all this webby, techie, bloggy crap, an analytics service looks at the traffic to a website and breaks down who’s visiting, how many are visiting, how they’re visiting, etc. It’s an excellent tool that allows a webmaster to see what works and what doesn’t. It is absolute hell for a creative type because it shows exactly how many people have looked at what they’ve created. And, as a creative type, I can tell you that the numbers are never high enough.

Since this is a religious/spiritual blog, you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with religious and spiritual stuff. The answer to that question is zero. As in nada, zip, zilch, absolutely nothing. The honest truth is I couldn’t find anything else to write about this morning. I drew a complete blank on anything new and none of my “throw-down pieces” (ideas I save for later) moved me and all I could do was whine about the lack of interest in my Zimmerman post. All the writing books say the best way around writer’s block is to write, so I started writing about the only thing that came to mind. Actually, this is a win for both of us. I got past my writer’s block and you got a peek inside my twisted, little brain. Okay, so maybe it’s not such a win for you.