WWJD = “Green” Easter Eggs?

I’m on the road today (coming home from Florida) and thought I’d let a couple of guys I respect do the talking

A few days ago, my friend and sometime mentor, Paul Wilson, posted the following on his Facebook page:

“During this couple of weeks before Easter, I am out to prove that my friends will repost, I hope I am right!!! Easter is not about bunnies and chocolate eggs. Let’s lift up God’s name and make a statement!! When Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of You and Me. If you are not ashamed to call Jesus Christ your savior, copy and repost. I’m not ashamed.”

Knowing Paul like I do, this came as a surprise to me.  I’ve seen him comment on other “copy and repost” things and he wasn’t a fan.  But, as I thought about, I could see him saying this (now, I’ll probably get a message from him saying this was a hack).  Yesterday, when I saw this clip from Steven Colbert, I remembered Paul’s status and knew he’d love it: