You’re Not Being Persecuted.

Lately, we’ve heard more than a few conservatives (Christians mostly) claiming they are being persecuted for their beliefs. Whenever they’re accused of being bullying, they shout “You’re persecuting me because of my religion! You’re the bully!”  These people are convinced that the Left (political and religious) are curtailing their right to religious freedom. As CBN reported  recently “If you get the feeling that religious liberty is under attack in America, you’re not alone.” We are told that “With concern growing, leaders from across the country gathered in Washington this week for the National Religious Freedom Conference“. Fox News, the “Fair and Balanced” paragon of journalistic integrity said “Faith leaders vow to fight threats to religious liberties in public sphere”. PoliticusUSA (where I got the preceding quotes) commented “but what this conference actually did was give bigots of every stripe a chance to be heard.”

So, what has these people’s nose out of joint? A few things, like

  • Obama care (I’m trying to turn a pejorative into a compliment) says that any insurance coverage must cover female health care free of cost. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, the Catholic bishops are up in arms because “female health care” means they have to cover birth control and they refuse to do so. Why? Who knows, especially since the vast majority of American women(like 99%) use some form of birth control. I have heard an interesting theory, though. If they allow birth control, then they’re saying that sex isn’t just for procreation and guess what that opens the door for? You got it, acceptance of the LGBT community.
  • Roe v Wade is a bee under their bonnet and they consider any attempt to stop them removing that bee violates their rights. As a way around Roe v Wade, several states have added very intrusive procedures (ultra-sounds where the mother is made listen to the babies heartbeat or the disgusting transvaginal ultrasound) even for women who have been raped, figuring that will lower the amount of women having abortions. If that’s not enough, while the majority of the anti-abortion crowd exempts pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, others, most notably former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, want to ban abortion in all circumstances. That means women who are raped or molested by a family member would be forced to carry the child to term. Isn’t that nice?
  • Planned Parenthood, for some reason, seems to send Republicans into orbit. Well, not for some reason, one of the services provided by Planned Parenthood is abortion. Because of that, Republicans in Congress have made it part of their mission to remove all federal funding from it. Never mind that it may provide the only feminine health care available for lower-income women, they just can’t abide abortion in any way shape or form.
  • There are documented cases of Catholic hospitals refusing treatment because such treatment violates their religious beliefs.

My question is where does protecting your right to practice your religion as you see fit stop? I maintain that it ends where mine begins and when you run roughshod over what I believe, you are no longer practicing rights granted under the  First Amendment; you are violating mine. In other words, when I ask you to take your foot off my neck, you’re not the one being persecuted.