A Christian Nation Pt III

More than once (reposted Wednesday), I’ve written about how this isn’t now, never has been and never should be a Christian nation. I’ve talked about all the things we’ve done as a nation that show we aren’t, and what it might look like if we, were a Christian nation. I’ve even shown proof in early […]

A New Series Pt VI_ Humanitarian Reform

Today is the fifth entry in our series on the 6 ways Jesus changed the world and we’re talking about humanitarian reform. In the article that inspired this series, John Ortberg describes a world turned upside down; women were welcomed, a slave might walk into an early church meeting and find his feet being washed […]

Keeping Occupied

Saying that the Occupy Wall Street protests have been in the news lately is like saying Napoleon had a little setback at Waterloo; it’s true, but doesn’t even begin to tell the story.  Almost everyone has an opinion on this phenomenon and those opinions seem to depend on your political views.  Most of my conservative friends (the vocal ones, anyway) think […]